Body cream

Cream with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Its non-greasy and quick absorption formula allows its daily application. The properties of the oil and the combination of active ingredients, nourish the skin providing natural elasticity and a relaxing effect on the body.

Available in two formats: 200 and 500 ml.

Bar of natural soap

Bar of natural soap with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Perfect for moisturizing and smoothing the skin, it contains 66% extra virgin olive oil. Due to its composition and natural ingredients it is suitable for all types of skins, even the most sensitive skin.

Available in 100gr content.

Liquid Hand Soap

Hand Soap with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Made with extra virgin olive oil Molino Alfonso, is ideal for daily hand washing, leaving them soft to the touch.

Available in 500 ml dispenser.


Hand Cream with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Made with a formula especially suited for very sensitive skins. Highly moisturizing, a small portion is enough to apply and soften the hands. It is absorbed quickly and the texture and fragance are very pleasant.

Available in 50ml content.